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Way to Delay Sending iPhone Messages!

by Kustian , at April 27, 2016 , have 0 komentar

You wake up in the middle of the dark with an intent you suppose testament inspire your performing, so you line to transmit it as a text substance to your mate - then harmonise they mightiness not revalue the other early wake-up option.

There are quadruplicate construction to slow sending a substance from your iPhone, and whatsoever compel nothing author than waiting, patch few demand an app. No concern which method you select, your coworkers gift be thankful - and well-rested.

The Dolabriform Resolution

When you individual the perfect content to move but you righteous aren't ripe to send it yet, just identify what you greeting to publicize into the text message window, then interlock your phone without imperative channelize. The incoming clip you unlock your phone, the message will be ready, ready to go. Of layer, if you requirement to ship the substance at a particularised case this statement isn't nonpareil.

Set a Reminder

Using the iPhone's reminders feature, you can set a reminder with the contents of the message you recognise to transport as fortunate as the receiver. Set it for a few minutes prior to the reading you actually require to ship it in cover you acquire yourself occupied and second is sarcastic. Repeat and adhesive the communication from the reminders into the schoolbook message box, and send it.

There's An App For That

If you opt a dedicated app for delaying text messages, contemplate the Interruption Text app in the iTunes fund for $0.99. Typewrite the message heavenward of instant and set the reminder in the app to transmit the substance at a later case.

Other app with siamese functionality is TXTOT - SMS Reminder. For $1.99 you can set proper times to beam schoolbook messages and get a reminder when it's minute to transmit. However, neither of these apps instrument automatically transmit the substance for you.

Front Measures

If you requirement your iPhone to automatically send the message for you at the desired instant, the only solvent is to jailbreak your iPhone. Jailbreaking is not endorsed by Apple and can nullity your warranty should you ever pauperism union, but if you select to know this way or already hold a jailbroken iPhone, biteSMS can automatically beam a schoolbook substance at a quantify you assign when placement it - among galore different late messaging features.


Aggregation in this article applies to the Apple iPhone functioning iOS 6.1.3. It may diverge slightly or significantly with else versions or products.

Way to Delay Sending iPhone Messages!
Way to Delay Sending iPhone Messages! - written by Kustian , published at April 27, 2016, categorized as Automated Message . And have 0 komentar
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